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  • ColinG posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Just found out that once you become a resident your tax free draw down on any UK pensions doesn’t apply in Spain.
    I have had this confirmed with independent pension advisors and our Spanish solicitor. So now I am a resident I have lost access to a considerable amount of tax free money. So I do the right thing and lose out financially. Maybe t…[Read more]

    • ColinG – so what tax rate is paid on UK pensions as a resident? If one has State and Occupational it would be a big deal!

      • Hi Chris
        In the uk you are entitled to draw down 25% of your private pension tax free.
        Over here once you are a resident you cannot take that element tax free so quite a significant loss.
        If I hade known about this I would have taken my tax free drawdown element before applying for residencia

        • Hi Colin
          Gotcha! I was thinking tax allowances and tax rates so I can calculate the impact of becoming a resident.

  • Graham posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Just joined after yesterday’s forum with the British Consul in Dénia where we live. Slightly encouraged by the quote shared by the Spain Prime Minister. At least he is a PM to be trusted, unlike our own! Trouble is a subsequent change of government, very likely it seems, may well produce a change of policy?

  • Stephen France posted an update 1 month ago

    Just joined Brexpats after a visit with the British Consul. Didn’t know about it before then!
    Things aren’t going very well Brexitwise are they? Not good for the people of the UK. What a shambles it’s been from day one and it’s not getting any better. I think we’ll still be OK here in Spain but it needs sorting very soon even if it means ditching Brexit.

  • Hello. Just joined. Feels good that there are other British migrants out here that care about this. Thanks to the admin for making it possible. X

  • Newly joined, anyone from Barcelona interested in meeting up?

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  • I lived in Spain in younger years and plan to live there again (before and after retirement age). Currently I dare not make the move, until it’s clear what my rights will be. Does anyone know of any organisations in the UK I could join? (Feels a bit cheeky joining an ex-pat group when I’m still in UK)

  • very interesting meeting today in El Raso thanks

  • Just joined Brexpats. Would love to hear from anyone in Valencia, where I live. Rod-Vlc

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