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    John K

    Recent meeting that took place to answer the many questions that we have received from many of our over 5000 members.

    Tom Gameson

    Dear John,

    I have just watched the video with great interest. It leaves me perhaps with a few (more) questions than before, one of which is that Anne mentions that she was planning anther meeting. Is there a follow-up meeting in the pipeline?


    Just signed in as a member. Thought it would be a good idea to get some answers. I live in Lorca Murcia Region in an urban area.
    so far The English here does not have any notification or information of what will happen when
    Brexit starts. We have no groups or organisations here or papers/magazines in English unlike
    other towns habited mainly of English, Listening to the radio is our only news available. Are there anyone in Lorca who has any group gatherings?


    In order to maintain a good long-term relationship, it is essential to accept the residence by the member states of the EU regardless of the country in which the registration document was issued, both during the BREXIT pre / post period.

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