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    My wife and I have been happily retired in Spain for almost 5 years and we are here to stay. We know that you can never say never, however we intend to remain in our new home forever.

    We know that until we achieve a Brexit, in whatever form, we will not know the position with ongoing state healthcare or the continuance of regular State pension increments, the only two major items of concern to us.

    We have mitigated our circumstances by regularising every aspect of our life here in Spain, IE. signed on padrón, registered on the extranjeros register, “residencia”, complete annual Spanish tax returns and are in the process of regularising all the historic building alterations to our property since before we bought it. When we have completed five years of so called residency, we will be applying for a new entry on the extranjeros register, we have had a change of address since we first registered, so that our certificate with have the words ´carácter permanente´ on it.
    I have been seriously learning Castellano, peninsular Spanish, and practice it every day having conversations with the locals as well as interacting with the staff in shops and bars.

    We love our life in Spain and consider ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to live here, which is why it is so sad that future generations of UK citizens will find it more difficult to do so after the UK leaves the European Union.

    To those new members who have questions about procedures to be followed or any taxation concerns, I have more than a little knowledge in these areas and am willing to share it.


    Hello Steve,

    New to Brexpats, I’ve just seen your posting. I’m very pleased you both seem to be settling nicely in Spain. It takes a while to adapt to living in another country but seeing how things are in the U.K. now I think you will, little by little, grow to feel contented that you have made a move. After living and working in Paris for more than 30 years, I have now been living in Valencia for the past 17 and feel very much at home here. I am both sad and angry by all that concerns Brexit and I am now seriously considering applying for Spanish nationality. Do you know of any other Britisher who has done this? I would like a consultation with a reputable expert in these affairs, one who is not out to rip me off!

    I’d be very grateful for any advice you could give me. Thanks.

    Rod Norman

    My email:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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